Monday, July 21, 2014

You're just my type.

For my birthday weekend (I am told that I am still allowed to call it a birthday weekend until I'm thirty) Brian and I went for a one-night camp-out on Ceder Island. We had originally planned to include more people but after some poor-planning and bad timing it ended up just being the two of us. And look, we didn't end up killing each other!

I had a full on panic attack when we launched the kayak. The waves were punching the sides causing us to shake. I made it worse by shaking and crying and whimpering. Brian yelled at me a lot, I am probably the worst to be around when I'm panicking. About on hour and a half later we finally made it. Next time we should just get our own kayaks.
Selfie-ing since 2000.
The site fee was super cheap and the whole weekend didn't end up costing too much. The lovely boys at Ahoy Rentals were super accommodating to us being incredibly late and incredibly last minute with our rental. They even let us use their sunscreen.
The island is overrun with these tiny squirrels. They were so fast and chatty, nothing like the big lazy ones in the city. To survive you must be small, fast and adorable.

Brian was in charge of cooking because we all know how I feel about it: lazy. He did knock one of our sausages into the pit though.

The s'moreo should be outlawed. It's too good for the likes of us.

Brian has more patience when it comes to marshmallow toasting than I. I could never get it right. What I can do right is stuff food in my face.

Too many s'moreos for this land shark.

We enjoyed the sunset from Cathcart Tower. Years ago we climbed inside this tower in the dark, after drinking too many beers. I can't really remember it well except that I felt super scared about falling inside. It was littered with garbage and broken glass. Brian and I tried to imagine what it would be like to be garrisoned here as a young soldier, it must have been quite dull for them. There's no way you could hide any extra booze or secret ladies or anything fun.

I had burnt marshmallow all over myself and there was no one around to tell me it was gross.

When Brian and I got back together in the 2006 we went on a camping trip together to this very island. I wrote a very obnoxious blog post about it. I remember lying in my tent all alone because everyone else had canoed back, including Brian. But I knew he was going to come back and it didn't feel awful to just be by myself in that moment. I called him "the bf" in those days like it was a nickname of sorts. I was a little out of sorts that year but everything worked itself out. 

We ended up staying up super late eating all the food we brought. Chicken and sausages and more s'moreos and fried cheese. It was the best.

The journey back was much smoother than the day before. No waves crashing against us. My arms got really tired and Brian kept yelling at me for making us spin in circles. Tandem-anything almost feels like a relationship test. If you can manage to do anything tandem with your loved one and not bite each other's heads off you know you are going to be just fine.

Another exciting thing that happened to me is that I finally got my G2! That means I can drive by myself and it's LEGAL. Now all we need is to by another car. Our third car in eight years. First we want to save up for our trip to Scotland in November. I'm so afraid of saying it too much that it won't happen, it's kind of my curse.

The summer has been lovely too us, though I wish Brian could have a bit more time off. Tourism is a relentless beast and it has it's own flow it seems. But you should always make time for yourself to do one thing that will make you happy. That one thing for me is to have a nap with all the fans blasting on me.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

It's a painted veil.

It's been three years since we stepped into a church and put rings on each other's fingers. Three years ago we were scrambling with the help of our family and friends to make a big deal out of something so simple. We danced and we ate food and we laughed and cried with the best of them that day. I still remember how handsome he looked and how I much I danced and how happy everyone was. And we're still happy.

We have a silly way of celebrating our day. Sometimes we just go for a beer and a movie, or a walk outside. Just like any other day. And we reminisce on the wedding events, who made us the craziest? Who was the drunkest? Which speech made us cry the most? (Answer to that one: all of them.)

This year we actually planned an outing. A date for two to Wolfe Island to try out the new and supposedly improved Wolfe Island Grill. Only that day, of all days, they were closed. No answering machine message. Nothing on their Facebook page, or Twitter. I called a couple of times and the last time someone picked up and was like "Ooooohhh.... yeah... we're doing renovations today? Yeah. Sorry!"

I have to say that we were very disappointed but we didn't let it get us down. It was a nice ferry ride anyway and we can always count on Kingston to feed us.

I'm growing my hair long again. I will ignore everyone who tells me no. I already know it's a nest of tangles and strings, I have dreams too people! Hair dreams are important dreams.

I still like to play dress up every now and then. Having a dress code for your job is making me feel like a crazy person. I have been wearing dark colours for the dollar for years now so when I see colour it's like fireworks.

It's not the sea but it's still a pretty site. Kind of inspired my whole oceanaria thing here. Truth is the sea is a terrible beauty. I was scared to swim in it out west. I can still hear my big brother Drew tell me about shark attacks. I'm just a big fat baby.

It's been very stormy in Kingston lately. And I love it. There weren't many thunderstorms in Victoria, not dry enough.

I saw Backstreet Boys and City and Colour within a week of each other. Both were amazing shows in their own right. I hope we go to a music fest this summer.

Sometimes the storm's edge would just pass on by like a ship. Other times the sky would open up just when you thought it was safe to wear a white t-shirt.

Another night, another outfit. We went on the dinner cruise with Brian's work. It had been a very long time since we had a super fancy meal. We sat amongst tourists from Belleville and enjoyed the comedic stylings of Billy Bridges.

And we got to drive the boat!

There are soo many baby ducks and squirrels in Kingston right now! I've been watching the family of squirrels near our street play, hoping that they don't become one with the pavement like so many do.

We have our gray days too. Like today. And the day before last. These days remind me of Victoria, the first days I lived there. And when I was in Victoria I would be reminded of Kingston where the limestone and the sky are one and the same.

Brian's new job is running him all around town but it suits him just fine. He's managing the tour trolleys in Kingston. If you are from the YGK you know those trolleys bumping around the downtown well. He's always been a person that people know, though he would never admit it. He's too humble for that. Kevin made this up at Wallack's and it looks much better in person! If you look closely the license plate says BR1AN.

We drove to Perth, Ontario for a Mother's Day outing with the in-laws. It was a lovely evening and I was having all kinds of nostalgia flooding back to me. Being near the Tay River, close to the bridge were we'd jump off from. Close to the beautiful 1800s home I lived in. I would love to live there again but I'd have to have a lot more money than I have right now to make that happen.

If you don't already follow me on instagram, do it! I post there every day, sometimes twice a day. Because if I put down my phone for a second my heart will stop. At least that's what I've been told. I've been picking up my camera again, timidly trying to get back into the photography spirit. Now if only I could find where I put my damn battery.